Translation and Interpretation in a Changing World

In a multi-lingual and interdependent world being able to understand foreign languages is critical to our nation’s security. VERITISS provides our customers with skilled linguists, analysts, translators and interpreters that can separate the signal from the noise to bring culturally relevant clarity.

Our linguists and analysts possess the highest security clearances and are fully accredited by the American Translators Association and/or a university. Each is trained to skillfully interpret, translate and analyze difficult to master languages, to include each language’s regional dialects and local lexicons. This enables our linguists to accurately interpret and communicate timely, culturally relevant essential information valuable across the operational spectrum, down to the warfighter on the ground.

Our services include:

  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Transcription
  • Exercise Support (Role Players)
  • Analytical Support
  • Administration
  • Intelligence Collection Support
  • Cultural Awareness Support

“VERITISS is one of only a few companies that actually deliver on their ‘reach back’ capability promise. I wished I had a dozen more VERITISS’ that operated in the same manner.”

Government Customer (Intelligence)

“VERITISS accomplished more in five months than the government was able to do in three years.”

Government Customer (Intelligence)

“The powerful impact your team made… resulted in changes being made to procurement and development procedures… to best prepare for the ever-changing cyber threats we face.”

Government Customer (Energy & Infrastructure)


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