Corporate Culture

VERITISS has a culture of mission performance, ethics, and taking care of people – customers, employees, families and our community.

VERITISS has an employee recognition program where spot awards and bonuses are awarded, without notice, to recognize employees for outstanding service and innovations to the company and our government customers.

VERITISS’ ethics program goes beyond industry standards. VERITISS employees sign an oath of ethics by having participated in ethics training twice per year led by our law firm, and also by an executive/PhD employee. VERITISS employees also sign a company “Standards of Conduct, Values and Expectations” guide that they helped to create.

Since the founding of the company, VERITISS has provided community service work through many organizations, including the Salvation Army which feeds 4000 of the homeless and disadvantaged in the Washington DC area each year at Thanksgiving. We also support local, national and international efforts in responding to human tragedies, irrespective of the cause. As a SDVOSB, VERITISS has a partnership with South Lakes High School in Reston, VA where our veteran employees help to mentor, support and train ROTC cadets. VERITISS also supports the less fortunate and underprivileged in the local community through Reston Cornerstones, as well as the needy women and children in Afghanistan by hosting semi-annual clothing and coat drives to help establish good relations and trust between our military and the people of Afghanistan. Moreover, VERITISS initiated a program to discover hidden and lost cemeteries of former slaves in Virginia and, in partnership with the African American Studies Department at GMU, commenced exploration at the historic Cartersville Baptist Church parking lot and surrounding area.

Community service and help to others is what VERITISS stands for as a corporation and represents the personal values and character of our great employees.


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